Specialized event operations management for entertainment, sporting events, mass gatherings and conferences



OnTrack Event Management and its team of event experts has experience planning and producing some of the largest events in the world. Through our comprehensive consulting services, technology applications and vendor relationships, we have become industry leaders in providing event logistics and delivering customized operations plans for our clients.

At OnTrack, our mission is to bring transparency, accountability, and data to the event operations process. Supported by our proprietary technology platform, our goal is to improve the guest experience, enhance safety and security protocols, and provide key information and data that is critical for producing a successful event. Our services offer a complete approach, as we embed ourselves into the culture of every event and deliver a reliable and inclusive plan that meet the goals of each client we serve. 


Management Services

We design and manage inclusive operations plans for complex events nationwide

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Transportation Logistics

Nationwide transportation solutions from procurement to route design for your staff and attendee shuttle systems.

Equipment & Signage

Full scale production services including way-finding, signage creation and equipment rentals for all event infrastructure needs.

Parking & Traffic

Comprehensive parking and traffic services including lot design and build out, ticket verification, and ingress/egress operations. 

Camping & RV Operations

OnTrack’s camping operations and reservation booking system provides services for tent, RV, staff, and specialty camping.  Track your attendee experience from start to finish. 

Event Consulting

Our expert event consultants will work with you to provide a customized and seamless plan for your next event no matter the size or market.

Rideshare & Taxi

Full scope management of your rideshare pick-up and drop-off locations, including lot design, crowd control, and staffing.


Organizing Events

We design and manage customize event plans for complex events nationally and internationally

Music Festivals 
Sporting Festival
VIP & Ground Travel
Conference & Conventions
Marathons & Endurance
Dignitary Events
City-Wide Events
Corporate Trips
Golf Tournament

Technology Services

We provide custom technology applications and tools for each component of an event


Shuttle Systems 

Real-time GPS tracking of your shuttle systems, ridership, and budget forecasts

Fleet Management

Comprehensive scheduling for internal vehicle assets, vendors and sub-vendors.  

VIP Booking Tools

Web-based client reservation portal for self-management of charter bookings and trip scheduling

Incident Tracking

Map-based incident tracking portal for command center and field operations. 

Parking Operations

Manage third-party ticket scanning, lot capacities and parking inventories in real-time

Staff Deployment

Manage and track staff hours, breaks and overtime against shift schedules.